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Sep 222016

Abusers want you to believe they have big hearts, if you dig down far enough, as you’re repeatedly told and encouraged to believe, by them and those under their influence and control. Still can’t find it?

Jun 152016

The term, “co-parenting” with a narc is actually a paradox. There is absolutely no co-parenting with a narc. The concept is counter to their inherent make-up. Understanding and accepting this would go far in helping a parent stuck in this situation to cope.

May 062015

An easy popular weeknight or any night kid favorite meal is naan pizza. Just spread your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese (or not) and you’re done! My 6 year-old loves basil pesto on the naan, along with mozzarella. I can normally add a green like kale or spinach as toppings without protest.

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Apr 212015

“Many problems that we take for granted are not really necessary; they arise from attention getting distracted and caught without our consent. For example, all of us are familiar with the toll negative memories can take. When they come up, they simply won’t let us alone. They claim our attention, and dwelling on them only […]

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Aug 152014

There is much press about following one’s passion.  Many of us are possibly wondering if we are doing that and how to go about that if not.  Do you quit your job and “follow your passion?”  I recall a Dr. Phil show on this topic.  One man was trying to pursue his music passion while […]

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Sep 212012

“Now I See the Moon” by Elaine Hall is a story about a mother and son’s journey as he is diagnosed with autism.  As an acting coach, Elaine uses her resources in helping him become more independent.  In the process, she creates The Miracle Project.  The organization utilizes the performing arts as a connecting point […]

Sep 202012

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of spending the time to make a healthy snack; sometimes we just need something to munch on while you’re on the go. Here are 5 healthy snacks that are quick, easy, and healthy! 1. Raw almonds, cashews, or walnuts – I keep a bag of them in my desk! […]

Sep 192012

A great thought from the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation: Eknath Easwaran’s Thought for the Day He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. – Proverbs In the interest of good health, in the interest of a long life, in […]

Aug 232012

“Older men are more likely than young ones to father a child who develops autism or schizophrenia, because of random mutations that become more numerous with advancing paternal age, scientists reported on Wednesday, in the first study to quantify the effect as it builds each year. The age of mothers had no bearing on the risk for these disorders, the study found.

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Aug 232012

There is a lot of confusion about autism and its symptoms. Parents aren’t sure what to look for as indicators and educators aren’t generally trained to know the different signs at different levels of the spectrum. There is a saying within the autism community: “When you know one child with autism, you know one child with autism.”

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